AFGfree was founded by LTC (Ret) Perry Blackburn,

a member of the "Horse Soldiers" who were the first U.S. boots on the ground in Afghanistan after Sept. 11, 2001.

“We are the first in and last out”

We have successfully evacuated more than 970 people from Afghanistan.

Our Mission

Keep the promise made to US Citizens, Afghan Partners and others in need by working in a highly collaborative  environment to sustain and evacuate US Citizens, our partners and their families by land, sea or air while training and assisting others to do the same.

Click here to read about our food drops

Winter is Here. The chaos in Afghanistan has left many families and orphans cold and hungry. AFGFREE has started a Food Drop Program that allows us to turn donation into food, clean water, firewood and cooking oil. Click the link above to read about our food drops and make a donation.


For 20 years, we provided this capability, this capacity, for Afghans to live moderately free, to buy into the promise of liberty and women's rights, and all these things we hold dear, and Afghans started gravitating toward that.


Partnership with the federal government and State Department officials to open a dialogue so that we can get our partners safely out of Afghanistan.


There are American citizens behind enemy lines, There is no worse statement from a government than to say we left our citizens behind enemy lines.

Network Needs

All the networks need is money to contract aircraft, to keep the promise of getting our Afghan partners out of Afghanistan, and that means people that are documented, and the families that are attached to those documented people.

Our Passion

What we have, that some of them don't, is the passion for it. They're dealing with passports and processes. We're dealing with people.

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