AFGFree assists the Umbrella Pax Return to America.

The Red Umbrella pax was formed at the Abbey gate during the fall of HKIA. It started with the wife and child of an American citizen who were in contact with us for evacuation assistance. There was another family of three related to a different American citizen. That umbrella was how the two families met each other at the Abbey gate. After several days and a bombing that killed American Service Members, that actually were helping our umbrella pax, we were able to get them safe passage to a plane and all five are safely with their families in the USA.


  1. Hi
    My name is Tela khan s/o of Salim jan the resident of Khost province Nadershahkot district Almrah 2017 year i graduated from Afghan National military Acodamy from the law and com munition professional part as second commander rank . after 50% commando Trining than i did job at 203 thunder colo ordo
    That the most job was infantryman section . at first i did 8 months job as battalion assistant at 203 thunder colo ordo in 6 battalion . after having more success lomyra shah susta lawah (first beauty company) hired my as Delegation company commander by position accursed rank . that i did job until now .now that Afghanistan situation is worse. Taliban’s takeover Afghanistan . From theTaliban’s side they threating me by dead. He say when you come to our hand we will not leave you with out dying .now with family i am out my right place of living in Afghanistan far area. Me and family are face with very risks. My remaining in Afghanistan at Taliban’s government is not any possible. I am Hopeful from and you are government to give me and my family for living place ـ that will be a kindness with me.

  2. My name is Christina Regule, and I am a recently retired US Army Active Duty Chaplain (Retirement: 31 July 2021). I am most interested in assisting the evacuation of the extended family of our Afghan translator, Hadi Sadeqi. I served in Shindand, Afghanistan, from July 2010-July 2011, with Hadi. May I please designate my donation to directly assist the evacuation of the extended family of Hadi Sadeqi? I will contact you at the phone number 913-775-3987 given on your website, as I am hesitant to donate through paypal or venmo right now. Thank You for what you are doing, CH Christina Regule

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